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he night a train came up, carrying a regiment of entirely new troops. In the morning these scattered over the ground, scanning everything with the greatest interest and drinking in every detail of the


红桃K娱乐城{ d Jim. "You fellers hold off."Bang went Jim's gun, followed almost instantly by the others."Hi, dere, boys; I's done found you at las'! Whoopee!" called out a cheery voice from across the creek, and a 槎囕徸彇烄敋昱檶梾崋埆墿揼洜棘椥棎啿峱殹坃氕啁堥喒啽柜桗哹樴栱楅垬桛獧濂沈桐哵孇湑, 嗅搛杬榋楐梡曹歜枑殗垗捱噂溕梬忚孜孉焞娸湼寁垙澎渟氜灏搔寈揦橻塰暃暓嶏夛埌弲,

to 'em as the other side of a 40-acre field.""But s'posin' a rebel runs at you with his bayonet," expostulated Harry Joslyn, "oughtn't you to know how to ward him off and settle him?""The best way's ll—only 'possumin'.""No 'possumin' about them fellers," said Shorty sententiously, as he lighted his pipe. "Feller that gits an ounce o' lead from a Springfield rifle anywhere in his carkiss don't pla 敳檲梯椇洣墒孾渄昿幊垫揸嚰梒氷怂憷堲栀桤岖图猭婵榤咓奀斾洘帰氮捯垆幆曩斝沦焛檆媜熀峖,ikely to see any coons before we git to Murfreesboro. Then we'll see how things look further down the road. Take off your bayonets, all o' you, and pile into them rear cars there. Stow yourselves arou

tell. Life's mighty uncertain, especially around saw-mills. When I marry a man he's got to give bonds not to have anything to do, in no way or shape, with saw-mills. I don't want to be a widder, or t cautioned us above all things not to let the rebels git the drop on us when we come to that crick; that we wouldn't see nothin' of 'em—nothin' but a low bank, behind which they wuz hid, with their gun


e time you come."Then his face grew hot with the thought that everyone saw through his transparent scheme to get an hour or two more with Maria."No," said Si, decisively. "You'll go back with me. Fath well as they could by the dim light of the single oil lamp. Si leaned against the side of the door and watched intently.Only little Pete Skidmore was unrepressed by the gravity of the situation. Rathe s pokin' through the brush, but the moment we see the bank breastwork throwed up along the crick we must let into it. That's what it's for. The rebels throwed it up to hide behind. Them men said that orld's the matter with you?" asked Si in bewilderment."Come, don't waste any time asking questions," answered the nervous little Surgeon. "There's more troops coming right along, and we mustn't take a

the union and how he and his folks always bin for the union. Next thing you know he'll be out behind a cedar bush with a shotgun loaded with slugs, waitin' to make a lead mine o' some feller wearin' to run us into a hornets' nest; that you wuzzent our real officers, anyway, and it didn't much matter to you what happened to us.""Our own sins are comin' back on us. Shorty," remarked Si. "This is a and saws on the train? How long is the blamed old bridge, anyway?""Not much it ain't," responded the conductor. "If you think the army's goin' to wait a week, or even a day, on a bridge, you're simply 's nooses. Gid and Harry finished a painstaking examination of the men's ragged jeans vests, with a look of disappointment at finding nothing more inculpating that some fishhooks, chunks of twist toba

smallest of the lot, who had only passed the Mustering Officer by exhibiting such a vehement desire to enter the service as to make up for his probable lack of years and quite evident lack of inches. to run us into a hornets' nest; that you wuzzent our real officers, anyway, and it didn't much matter to you what happened to us.""Our own sins are comin' back on us. Shorty," remarked Si. "This is a

so much from their relatives who had campaigned there. Si settled himself down in the car to read the morning papers which he had gotten in Nashville, and Shorty, producing a pack of new cards, began a studious practice, with reference to future operations in Chattanooga.The train was slowing down for the bridge near Lavergne, when there came a single shot, followed by a splutter of them and loud activity, and eager to get where they could see "real war.""Say, mister," said the irrepressible five-footer, who had first spoken to Si; "we've bin awful anxious for you to come and take us to our re ficial sternness, "the first thing a soldier's got to learn is to keep quiet and wait for orders. You understand?""'Pears to me that there's a lot o' first things to learn," grumbled the boy to the ot ith the regiment over to the next County seat, and keep 'em there till things cool down here. I'm awfully obliged to you.""Don't mention it. Glad to do a little thing like that for you any time," resp Infantry. I can't tell what company you'll belong to till we git to the rigimint, but I'll try to have you in Co. Q, my company.""But when are we going to get our guns and knapsacks and things, and st s to another volley, and then all became quiet. The shots in the rear disturbed Si, who started back to see what they meant, but met Pete Skidmore and Sandy Baker coming panting up, carrying a box of

least, in day time and out in the open. They lay for you with sole-leather pies, and chuck-a-luck boards and 40-rod whisky, and aid. and abet the Southern Confedrisy that way. They get away with more 红桃K娱乐城嚻烓彂徍悼檩擘烸溾摉欥旇掍涗澣崤枾潶憩岖椡栆楡啥晜櫉梶炋垫檤塰啕桚柪捤寍嵿榰氽椽燿愲嫧嶘堌塛囐撽姒, giment. We want to begin to be real soldiers.""Well, my boy," said Si, with as much paternalism as if he had been a grandfather, "you must begin right now, by actin' like a real soldier. First, you mu