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loom of roses hath.”While Doris was wiping her mistress’ back with a soft woollen cloth, the latter’s eyes followed the quivering drops of water that chased and mingled with each other on her white ne


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sture that commanded silence.At the same moment steps were heard outside. Clytie’s mother returned and, sending Doris away, seated herself on the edge of the couch and drew the young girl down beside 熆术痈憷攠涢榜懓徸择孖梺杙撁桤棌爡峍咳榹洐溓捖熆嬠暲攩涊嫙榜漾撬榨幓堣犝坙唝汅,! In the name of the gods—silence. It is a great mystery.”Hipyllos listened attentively. He had already heard of a strange connection between demons and stones; he knew that in the temple of Apollo at


t neck, curling locks, and thick beard. He wore a purple fillet around his hair and was clad in a robe of dazzling whiteness. This was Lamon, famed for his remarkable strength, who in the 88th Olympia flitted over Ninus’ pallid features.“Aha!” she murmured. “You are afraid I might utter his name, and that it might be an ill-omen. So you think of him very often, pretty maid?”The young girl bent her tunities were not rare.“Why! why!” he said as he entered, “you are as solemn as the Areopagites themselves. By Heracles, it was far livelier where I’ve been! I come from Halipedon; the good folks ther

her are asleep,” she continued, “you must slip into their chamber and get the key of the garden.”Doris scarcely believed her ears. She no longer recognized Clytie. Was this the timid young girl who ha de the chamber. Xenocles and his wife were not yet asleep, but were talking to each other; she had heard them utter the word “bride-man.”XVII.An hour later Doris again glided through the open hall of She drew a long breath, and once more felt in possession of her wits. She would have the key. And all the resolution and defiance that exist in a firm determination suddenly filled her soul so complet Attic customs there was something remarkable in these preparations. Not a single slave was present to wait upon the company. This exclusion of the servants was scarcely natural; but it agreed with ha

road yonder, where her altar stands. Strike these metal basins against each other—let the sound tell her that we feel her approach. Oh, Hecate, stern, exalted goddess, I will pour three libations in t , and prayers repeated. All this I have done from the hour Doris first told me.”Ninus now thrust both hands down into the basket and, with great care, drew out a smooth oval stone, wrapped in swaddlin ow lighted some charcoal on the gridiron by the flame of the lantern, scattered incense upon it, and let the smoke rise before the baetylus. Then, taking it from Clytie’s hands, she removed the swaddl ung slave-girl wants to speak to you,” he said. “She has a letter from her mistress.”Hipyllos started from the couch.“Bring her in—quick.”He understood two things—that some misfortune must really have

ing clothes and anointed it with oil.“Look!” she cried, raising it in the air, “the soul is coming.”Hipyllos felt a slight thrill of awe. He fancied he saw the stone make a slight movement in the prie red angrily into vacancy.“Strange!” he muttered, “A bride who falls ill on her wedding day—who ever heard of such a thing? By Zeus, this or something else seems to me a bad omen. Do not forget that yo red to know.As Sthenelus’ lameness had rendered him useless as an actor, he was obliged to fight his way through the world as he best could. The scanty alms bestowed by the state upon all cripples was

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