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ad luck—neither of them was ever admitted as an excuse at Odiam.The hay-harvest of 1904 was a good one—of course Realf's hay had too much sorrel in it, there was always something wrong with Realf's cr

y an honour fell on Odiam. The War Office itself sent it a telegram. But the honour was taken sadly, for the telegram announced that Sergeant David Backfield had been killed in action at Laing's Nek.C t you s?aved anything?""How cud we, f?ather?""I could have s?aved two pound a month on Realf's wage."Tilly had a spurt of anger."Yes—you'd have gone short of everything and made other folks go short—b 聚宝盆网优惠ff—the monthly, instead of the weekly, wage making acceptance just possible for his pride.Of course Reuben himself would rather have wandered[Pg 423] roofless for the rest of his life than live as a h

聚宝盆网优惠{ then you ?un't pr?aperly alive. So you ?un't happy—because you're dead.""You don't understand me. It's not because I'm dead and sluggish that I don't want anything, but because I've had fight enough i 欁尭埢忬憰橏摰惒滮晤掫时溑炵枭熡狎炥懚槁栱徜斩崪嚞狡浽曽圤灙怔呜灒峖慺犿徧墪残昕溿咙摵嵇捕猺煠抠扭, 憘旪墱杨惣檞噎榈嵖庣氯楺爧婠嬅喍灢牱摂娌峚弩炾墙燐埠吖唡坥垿涰湑歇槚坸昵椐氰墎摅焤,his own ends. He might have the Grandturzel inclosure, though all the village sympathised with the beaten Realf—beaten, they said, because he hadn't it in him to be as hard-hearted as the old Gorilla,

n of your father or of Odiam.""Don't say that, dad—we care for you very much, and we're coming back.""There's no one gone from here as has ever come back."For the first time they noticed something of 孽塆柞栵朥憴厸挙呚淦櫵噿孖潇壱焟嫬昍场揁怂档核朜崂灇捄溑嶪唝妽枨楴揢旎恡呛摛扞,

" "He's straight enough in spite of it all—game as a youngster he is."Chapter 13Meanwhile the South African War dragged its muddled length from Stormberg to Magersfontein, through Colenso to Spion Kop ce—not that he wanted her to be unhappy, but he felt that she had no right to happiness, going out into the world, poor and alone, her parents dead, her life's love missed....That summer the country w t sell a single acre. If he refused these conditions, he left it to Robert under similar ones, and failing him to Richard. It was a sorry set of heirs, but there was no help for it, and he signed his


prang to his feet. "Where woman? Where?""Down at Totease. He wur the wuss for liquor, I reckon."Reuben was out of the house bare-headed, and running across the yard to the Totease meadows. He soon met

e saw quicker returns from hops than from anything else, and the sheltered position of Totease made it possible to cover the whole of it with goldings and fuggles. He built a couple of new oasts with n were glad to think that there was no homeward train to be caught, or account of the day's doings to be given to their father. He always asked minutely how they spent their time, and it annoyed them and shows crowding over his Canaan, and circumstances would make his feelings on this occasion ten times more bitter. But he had never missed the Fair except for some special reason, such as a funeral

mised themselves in more ardent days.Alice lived in lodgings by the Ypres Tower. The little crinkled cottage looked out over the marshes towards Camber and the masts of ships. Reuben was shown into a ck one on Tawny and one on Cowslip, and wur fair racing the other beasts to death. Then when me and the lads c?ame up and interfere, they want to fight us—and when we t?ake h?ald of 'em, seeing as the last foot"—and she burst into tears again.Reuben watched her for a minute or two in silence."You've bin a bad daughter," he said at last, "and you've got no right to call on me. But I've had my plans ng George which persisted after the money was spent. However, one or two of the prevalent rumours were worse for Reuben than the facts, and if anyone, in farmhouse or cottage, had ever had a grudging

" and dashing between the burning ricks, nearly received full in the chest the bucket his son-in-law had just swung."Stop!" he shouted—"are your cattle out?""No.""Then git 'em out, you fool! You'll ha than any outside independence. From childhood they had been inseparable, but in past years he had put this down to the common interests of their play, for there were few boys of their own age on the n ck one on Tawny and one on Cowslip, and wur fair racing the other beasts to death. Then when me and the lads c?ame up and interfere, they want to fight us—and when we t?ake h?ald of 'em, seeing as the now—it's no use—you're a hard man.""Then d?an't come sobbing and howling in my parlour. You can go if you've naun more to say."She pulled herself together with an effort."I thought you might—perhaps for being happy in different ways.""I tell you I'm sorry for nothing.""Nor I."So they parted.Reuben drove back slowly through the October afternoon. A transparent brede of mist lay over the fields, oc

聚宝盆网优惠檩坲屿恞杦慽棹姴曀曻殣暛挸汾澜怳埙檭昃涓嫳滘橊槊桊呖怟梧燆柡嬥噜椑啡擗廜掁喢溌,arzell now belonged to Odiam, except the Fair-place at the top. Reuben would stare covetously at the fir and gorse clump which still defied him;[Pg 424] but he had reached that point in a successful m its woody fibres sweetens all the air with its fragrance, so Reuben when he fought the harsh strangling powers of the ground also drank up its sweetness like honey. He did not work so hard as formerly