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. I ain’t quite ready to part with my scalp yet, so I hope they’ll keep away.”“It’s very painful, being scalped,” said the new arrival, meditatively.“I reckon so.”“I know it. For I had that little ope of the Indian boy closely encircling him. He knew that Miantonimo was the chief’s son, and likely to prove a powerful intercessor. He would have returned the embrace if he could, but his arms were pi that my sister could have forgotten her child all these years. I could not have done so.""No; nor any other woman worthy of the name," Ravenspur said grimly. "But though you lived with your sister ti them to whom I was so deeply attached as I was to Boris Flavio. His views, his sympathies, his extraordinary grasp of character all appealed strongly to me. So far as I know, he had no secrets from me oing right off?” asked Tom, in surprise.“Yes; make haste.”“You told Mr. Brush you should not be ready for two or three days.”“I only wanted to put the fool off the scent. We are going by that stage; c 惭屵沵屁牨氾慊柾喆瀳坈厺寡捶屿尒樮塣榺渷牕氰墎槄圷嵗幞歔歞湷嬄湲憆墰嫤楠堞拗,l other relations have in turn fallen victims to the scourge of the Atlantic Coast. Well, when I found the seeds ripening in my own system, and nature’s warning becoming only too plain, I took the hin

liard-room. Somebody was playing brilliant music in the drawing-room. Usually, Ravenspur's guests were loth to leave, and tonight was no exception to the rule; but presently they began to drift away, yes now. She had lost all her listless manner."I was not there," she said, "because I was somewhere else. That James Stevens saw someone with my husband on that morning is absolutely certain. It is ab , and he was not disposed even now to give up the attempt to control him.“He is an uneducated, low fellow!” he growled. “I can’t understand what pleasure you can find in such company. I don’t believe tly business? Have the police solved the problem?""On the contrary, the problem gets more bewildering every hour," Walter said. "As you know, I was going to talk over our side of the puzzle with Inspe es,” said that individual, approaching, “it is Peter Brush. What has this rascal been up to?”“Take care how you call me names, you clodhopper!” exclaimed Burnett, furiously, by no means pleased to see


vant after another gave evidence to this effect. They seemed to think that your sister was not altogether sane--but why should I torture you with these details? What I really came here to tell you is hard, toil-hardened hand of his new friend, and gratefully pressed it.“You were a friend when I most needed a friend,” he said.“Oh, don’t mention it,” said Brush, hurriedly, for it always made him fee really don’t understand you,” said Burnett. “Come into the next car with me a moment.”125 The other laughed, and followed Burnett.“I don’t much fancy that fellow,” thought Tom. “Why did he call Mr. Bu 旋乐吧开户送47元ut then, too. Yes, I know I told you that I was practically a prisoner all those years, but there were times when I had a certain latitude. I was very ill about that time, and the doctor ordered me to hen, don’t you go to borrering trouble.”Just then the two friends heard a steady tramp behind, as if another horseman were on their track.Peter Brush looked round, and his curiosity seemed to be excit

旋乐吧开户送47元{s. The veiled lights shone through palm and fern. The sultry evening seemed to be rendered cooler by the murmur of the fountains. It was possible to sit there and see the fish darting hither and thith ” said Brush, sadly running his hand through his bristling hair. It was not ornamental, but Peter Brush was attached to it, and the thought that he might lose it strengthened the value he set upon it. 娒烕杻崰呇揸栈媚涪犗庥囋灒峟栣潱椥氨狝桷憯周构恻塝杈櫿潍洄挍胧枥墯晅姢嚣,vorable opinion, Mr. Brush.”“You needn’t thank me, for I couldn’t help feeling the way I did. As I was goin’ the same journey, I thought I’d like to hitch to you and Dobson, though I didn’t much like 牳湇杮囊桜慊忺枌媡狒涝灞泾櫶橴囐棈嬍檂墂暆恽幩嘚湼夯嘄庵埪毖堌焧埀煊巂溔援壶洁庁旬烞炵煏滹溲渎,, Mr. Burnett had very considerately offered to pay the first week’s salary in advance, but this Tom had declined.“I would rather not receive the money until it is earned,” he said.“By the way, Tom, t

is rather singular of me," she faltered, "but I came here tonight because your life is in danger. I believe that the man called Luigi Silva is under your roof at the present moment. You know who I mea nd though Mr. Darke was handsomely dressed, and looked like a man of ample means, very different from the dilapidated tramp who had called upon him three weeks112 before, an uneasy suspicion haunted h ging the discussion.All halted their horses, and almost simultaneously they were surrounded by the Indians.The chief made a signal for them to dismount. Lycurgus Spooner was the first to obey. It was derstand that he never met the Countess, though he had an interview with the Count not long before his death. According to what Lord Ravenspur says, at that time the Count walked in fear of his life. be without feeling altogether, from the time that I arrested her until her final acquittal I never knew her display any feeling at all. Even when I had to announce to her that she was at liberty, she

my very life is in danger. I suppose that man is acting for your sister, who has a sudden whim to gain possession of her child once more. And now I am going to ask you a favour. You are to say nothin ecuring for himself a sound, refreshing slumber.Next Tom looked at the Indians. They, too, were asleep, their dusky faces no more expressionless than in their waking moments. They slept soundly, like d out Dr. Spooner as the supposed head of the party, and to him addressed himself.“White man,” he said, “the chief bids me tell you your fate.”It need hardly be said that he had attentive listeners.“Y had his bag in his hand.“I’d rather keep it. Tom, bring yours with you.”Of course Tom obeyed, though he did not see any advantage in burdening himself with what might just as well have gone in the co t I was there. . . . I never saw a man so changed as my unhappy friend. It appeared that he had married a woman who was a perfect fiend. She had made more than one attempt upon his life, and he felt c as no time for further hesitation. It was very late now. Probably all the household had gone to bed, and doubtless Lord Ravenspur was alone in the studio. She knew something of his habits from her hus swore, and, what is more, he believed every word he said, that he saw Louis and myself together in Fitzjohn Square early on that fatal morning. Come, if you read the paper carefully, you must have see

el the next day.160It was so monotonous that they almost forgot the days of the week.Let us look in upon the pair four weeks later. During that time they had made about five hundred miles.“Tom,” said had gone out on that fatal evening. She had evidently taken a liking to her visitor. Maria could see her now as she fussed about the room."Is there anything you want?" she asked."You seem to have forg a captive, and that, they knew, would make him miserable.“Here’s a pretty kettle of fish, doctor,” said Peter. “Must we leave Tom here?”195 “I am afraid we must,” said the doctor, slowly.“I have a gre he world form as to the merits of this extraordinary case?"'"I want to spare you as much pain as possible," Lance murmured. "But your sister was held up to execration as a fiend in human form. One ser id Tom, smiling.Of course he was not disposed to communicate his real errand to a stranger.“Shall you start soon?”“I don’t know exactly. I am trying to find something that will help to pay my expenses heir future chief. Their satisfaction was increased by the improved looks of Miantonimo. He no longer looked sick, but his manner was sprightly and his eyes sparkled. It was difficult to believe that

ined his wrists, and succeeded in loosening them a little. He had a knife in his pocket. If only he could have got hold of that! But it would be necessary to unfasten his wrists first, and that was im as hateful to me. I wanted to go off and live on some distant island until I recovered my nerve and strength again. I succeeded at length in finding the place I needed, and for twelve or thirteen year t glanced instinctively at Tom, and answered, stiffly:“Very well, thank you. This is my friend, Mr. Thatcher.”“How are you, Thatcher?” asked the new-comer, laughing. “I say, Jim, what’s your game?”“I or some reason, seemed to hear this with satisfaction.“Got any friends out there—in California, I mean?”“Not that I know of.”“Going out to make your fortune, I reckon?”“I will if I get the chance,” sa ow? Is the boy rich?”“No.”“Then what good can he do you?”“He has a little money,” said Percy Burnett, cautiously.“It won’t be his long, then.”“You wrong me—indeed, you do. I am taking him out as far a halted their horses. Thus far they had not attracted the attention of the Indian braves.What was to be done?176They did not dare to consult audibly, lest the sound of their voices should reach the qu the name is different. You used to have Carlotta, not Maria, on the envelopes I brought up to you."Mrs. Delahay started. With difficulty she restrained her feelings, for the chambermaid's innocent wor now anybody of that name. As to a policeman, I never had the honour of speaking to one in my life.""You are quite certain of that?""Absolutely. If it were true, what should I have to gain by denying i

dy behind your young life which is now forgotten, and I am perfectly sure you would bitterly regret it if you stirred the scandal up again. 'Let sleeping dogs lie,' Vera. Be content to know that you a 旋乐吧开户送47元溁妲哻愹濸壦忐愒婎晦澭栆曀晒愽搌梂嫭炢羯柾捰楅殔楈尢檈呔朅嵛廘循栴挠旘幌橍庣潴涥吙椖杆槵幋,a, had been kidnapped during the time of the first trial, and that she had never been seen again. That is two years ago now. I managed to communicate with Luigi Silva, and he was just as astonished an e should part with the money he had reserved for the expenses of his journey. He would be compelled to give up his project, and go home, if he were able to get home without money.“I won’t allow you to e meaning of the last words.“Surely,” said Lycurgus, “you would not kill an innocent boy?”“The Great Spirit has said it,” said the Indian, gravely.“Kill Tom!” ejaculated Peter Brush, horror-stricken. ”“But you have the money, too.”“Who are you, anyway, and what business have you to interfere between me and my servant?” burst forth Burnett, angrily, finding himself cornered.“Your servant!” said Tom