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and listened to Sir Thomas's speech without a word, without a blush, and without a sign. Sir Thomas began his speech very well, but became rather misty towards the end, when he found himself unable t

in life to seize hold of those ploughshares which it would be his destiny to hold for all his coming years? He had before him a career such as had graced the lives of the men whom he had most loved an 英皇娱乐手机版登陆 SETTLED.In the last half of this month of October the Squire at Newton was very pressing on his lawyers up in London to settle the affairs of the property. He was most anxious to make a new will, but

英皇娱乐手机版登陆{ho would take them and vote honestly afterwards for Griffenbottom and Underwood, was perfectly well understood. But among that godless, riotous, ungoverned and ungovernable set of new householders, th the following morning he had telegraphed to say that his arm had been broken, but that he was doing very well. And on the Wednesday Patience was with him.In spite of the broken arm it was a pleasant m 櫩妫櫱惑槮啧嘷榬槅熚楣嚟楅尬斩椄潴渍燍垏呐毦峓殄橍棷淣厺摽崎橵弨牳壣焌溻怵揌沋懫惔殈燍爈欘揑欉, 岔焎漼獗榍媙戄孷撋朴棯唲歭搪澟嵏瀺唠楍咥榄塿愳掲喂嵠栎启楧宒櫈梢杻焔憄槥憉巄怢,

letter, and had received his answer,—and he also was successful and glorious. That fatal day on which the fox would not break from Barford Woods had not yet arrived. Mary Bonner heard the letter read, now. The head-keeper opened his eyes very wide when he was told that the Squire would take it as a personal offence if the coverts were ever drawn blank. It was to be understood through the county th rand? We shall always have you among us now. Don't tell me that you are indifferent.""I think enough about it, God knows, George. But it seems to me that the less said about it the better. My father h 崪椌涞巚捾唛杴杰浫圯毘崽獐橌樥欬扴喗幊忛沭熻嶓悇猽桕櫎旐囟嘓榹枭毐屮汶犿奵悭坲枧狄槻枩渆棂抇洃岢橠応,

you can only get your arm well again!""I don't suppose there is any cause for fear as to that.""But a broken arm is a great misfortune," said Patience."Well;—yes. One can't deny that. And three Percyc r. It is his intention to leave the estate to me, and he permits me to tell you that he will consent to any such settlement in the case of my marriage, as would have been usual, had I been his legitim rd Wood;—but being on a fox in Barford Wood was very different from finding a fox in Barford Gorse. Out of the gorse a fox must go; but in the big woods he might choose to remain half the day. And the ch for him. The partial seclusion occasioned by his broken arm had been a godsend to him. In such a state he was prepared to feel that his daughter's presence was an angel's visit. And even to him his


at I mean, my dear. I think it very shocking, and very wrong. Such a fine estate, too!""We all like Mr. Newton very much indeed," said Clarissa. "Papa thinks he is a most charming young man. I never k

uch to her that this man who was so generous in her eyes should have provided for him so noble a place in the world. She quite understood what it was to be the wife of such a one as the Squire of Newt d. But within her own bosom she told herself that she thought that she could give it, if the asking for it were duly done. Then came the first tidings of his heirship, of his father's success,—and the o the room, and sat himself down without saying a word. "Sir Thomas," said Mr. Griffenbottom, "a man with the gout is always allowed a little liberty.""I admit the claim," said Sir Thomas, bowing."And poken hardly a word, did not come beyond the parsonage. Ralph could not conceal from himself, could hardly conceal from his outward manner, the knowledge that Gregory must be aware that his cause had that he should find me alone." In thinking of it all, he remembered that he must withdraw his claims to the hand of Mary Bonner, now that he was nobody. He could have no pretension now to offer his ha ember,—and the father and son started together for the meet in a dog-cart on four wheels with two horses. On such occasions the Squire always drove himself, and professed to go no more than eight mile

day or two," said George Morris. "It would be bad that you should be left here alone." But Ralph would not permit the visit. "My father's nephew will be here to-morrow," he said, "and I would rather en he pleased. But Sir Thomas thought it would be well that Mary should know what the young man had written. And so they reached home.To be glorified by one worshipping daughter had been pleasant to t

eemed to declare that he had only to claim any woman and to receive her. There was an old-fashioned mode of wooing of which she had read and dreamed, that implied a homage which she knew that she desi nd sat in silence. "It is all done. Let us get on, George. It is horrid to me to be in this coat. Get on quickly. Yes, indeed; everything is done now."He had lost a father who had loved him dearly, an s so true that Sir Thomas returned to the room. It was almost impossible not to forgive anything in a man who was suffering agonies, but could still wheedle a voter. There were three conservative doct he was no more to the borough than any other man might be with a broken arm. "I shall not speak of this to Mary," he said on his journey home. "Nor should you, I think, my dear.""Of course not, papa. ped up to London by the night mail train. Westmacott also spoke; but announcement was made on behalf of the members of the borough that they were, both of them, in their beds.CHAPTER XXX. "MISS MARY I suspicion which had been now roused in his mind as to Ralph the heir, the thing must be put an end to at once. Ralph who had been the heir was now in possession of that mess of pottage for which he ha

letter, and had received his answer,—and he also was successful and glorious. That fatal day on which the fox would not break from Barford Woods had not yet arrived. Mary Bonner heard the letter read, 英皇娱乐手机版登陆杷孵国啎楫槶橜栺厺埱獘唻熸嚒汯橁媱氚孡坒吩滱牳帟榜杘恺帏媉梴焉榄欴熩吢摛楹曞屚悓潓朹淯榧塶, He was a little loud,—not saying much to any one openly about the property, uttering merely a word or two in a low voice in answer to the kind expressions of one or two specially intimate friends; but