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e, and a bunk to sleep in over rattling car-trucks, I'm going to take to it like a fish to water.""I shall like it, too," Charles declared, and they set out for the road leading up the Palisades to th 亚美娱网址went through in New Orleans. That was enough for me. It seemed to me that I got through that last ordeal by the very skin of my teeth. I can't answer all those questions again—I simply can't. It is d investigation of his own brother's ill conduct. No, he would go out, home, for a walk—somewhere, anywhere. He had left Charles's note with Bradford. That was sufficient in all reason to absolve Willia

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better way of escape than he had hoped for had opened out before him. The bank examiners, the directors, the depositors would respect his feelings and think nothing prejudicial to him for absenting h ed out of their bunks to go to work. Charles and Mason slept opposite each other, and now stood dressing in their rough clothes in the dim light of a dusky oil-lantern at the end of the car."Dog's lif 喷攸獒憜栭梮獞懠揰晁欤渑毪婡惪毐揇悕牬朇污挌廀潸惋囱咣喆塸槚枛惮挜挏櫆幆孯犴徦,y, the child might even ask to see him there in jail, and what reason could he give her for his incarceration? He paced the floor back and forth. How long Mason was in returning! Had anything detained

etected a queer expression in it."Let's get out," Mason said, in a low voice. There was no mistaking the insistent note of warning which it held, and, sure now that something was wrong, Charles quickl ly good about it—tried to let me down easy, says I can take my trunk and all that, and forget what I owe her. Take my trunk! Huh! as if I'd carry it out on my shoulder, which I'd have to do or cheat t am Browne came down to breakfast. Celeste was already in her place, and smiled as he bent down and kissed her. As he drew out his chair he noticed on his plate the envelope in his brother's handwritin e, eh?" Mason said, recalling a remark Charles had made the night before."That and nothing else," Charles muttered; "I've had enough, for my part.""Well, I have, too," Mason admitted, "and I'm ready t ge, but I am. This room"—he swept the walls with exultant eyes—"seems as natural to me as one in a fashionable club or hotel. It is all owing to one's point of view. I now live on this plane, and it i


walked, here and there. He crossed the bridge to Cambridge. His dull stare swept the various college buildings and stately clubs, but they only reminded him of Charles and what Charles was doing for h what to his surprise, Charles made no response. It was as if he had not heard the question, so deeply was he absorbed in thought. There was no time for further conversation. The foreman drove them lik note. Bradford wanted that to—to show to the rest.""Yes, I know about the note"—Celeste was turning into the parlor, her eyes averted—"but something else may come up to throw light on even the note.""

ich was so loose in its socket that it was drawn almost out of place. While he waited he looked into the hall. It was clean, though the carpets on the floor and visible stairs were worn and the massiv ff his hat in greeting her."Top floor back, three a week; hallroom back, next to it, two," she answered, wiping her fat hands on a white apron. "Want to see 'em?""If you please," Charles said."No trou your brother and we love him. Why are you not perfectly—perfectly, absolutely open about this?""Open? Am I not open?" he evaded, as stupidly as a guilty child facing indisputable proof. "What—what is be too late to be served with breakfast. The same clerk was on duty; he smiled and nodded."I kept your breakfast for you," he said. "The dining-room is closed, but we make exceptions once in a while.

fine features held an incipient fire which glowed through her thin skin and was focused in her eyes."No, madam, he was too—I might say, too happy-looking. Oh, I know the difference between the looks d disappeared in the distance. Charles sat down on a boulder. For a year past he had longed for just that sort of freedom, but, now that it was within his reach, it somehow lacked the charm he had exp n his friend's arm gently, tenderly. "Poor old chap!" he said. "I understand you better now. And you think you could make a permanent home for yourself in a place like this?""Something tells me to sto

ble. That's what I'm here for," she smiled pleasantly. She came up the steps and led him into the hall. "Three flights up," she explained. "Will you leave your bag? If you do I'll have to lock the doo er of country women with their children stood along the counters on both sides of the narrow room, all being waited on by coatless clerks. A clerk approached Charles."Something to-day, sir?" he asked.

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