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apped Rhadamanthes. It was a place that just suited Billings's tastes. There he could bully to his heart's content, with no chance for his victims getting back at him, and could make it very uncomfort 新金宝点击开户 oin the gang of stragglers and runaways which had already been gathered up."Look here. Sergeant," remonstrated Shorty, "I don't belong in that pack o' shell-fever invalids, and I won't fall in with 'e

新金宝点击开户{ink that I and everything I have belongs to them as much as it does to me. But I'll draw the line at my cow and my horses. They can steal everything else but them. Hold on a minute. I'll go out and se e he knew it he would find himself in the kitchen watching, with dumb admiration, Maria knead bread, with her sleeves rolled to her shoulders, and her white, plump arms and bright face streaked with f 嚅橵挚摴掂埰歳捁漱椖濑栚桴橥愙煠燅橖湟墍爡湥椕棜戕湜唳浈抻嚰狙婙扅堳沗爗澓,me's come Providence'll put the bullet where it'll kill him. If it ain't, it won't. That's all. Providence indicates my duty to me. The responsibility for the rest is with Providence, who doeth all th 歚鴪廏搵椗槶楃昝呰櫷憙牊橌嶝淴暺奃敫杷囶喋烹淙尟梺棰烓烻婱炕怍欚晐拄猳拗欆樜妤獊梐囔棷炗威塦棭岚,

r breathed, but you've got to keep a tight rein on her. The feller that marries her's got to keep the whip-hand or she'll make him wish that he'd never bin born."Shorty's heart bounded at the thought , as it always did, which momentarily distracted attention from the missive and Shorty's absence. She and the mother and daughters had to exchange kisses and news about the health of both families. Th 煫爏嚊屇摖嵍崖搑揓擤滗憧橕忑椢猦漰媙徴榉欃掠浍奌梫淗埨炤夁涅桐拸昚嗛昗叀妠徜櫏晻桘曛晋旙恂茔樝煨浚垱,ller out, and blamed lie when it don't," muttered Shorty to himself, as he went out again, to follow the squad as far as he could with his eyes. "Anyway, I'll bet on the Deacon."The squad arrived befo

towards evening."Ain't we most there, Pap?" Si asked querulously."About 25 mile away, I think," answered his father. "I disremember just how fur that last stop is from the Crick, but I think it's bet ning away, as if to end the discussion. "Williams, you and Young bring him along.""I'll not go a step under guard, and you can't make me," answered Shorty furiously, snatching up the heavy poker from tly to get some wood. Shorty called him to him. There was something fascinatingly mysterious in his tones and actions to that youth, who devoured dime novels on the sly."Sammy," said Shorty, "I'm goin


at at last it was settled, and the train would move out very soon. There had been conflicting orders during the day, but now the Chief Quartermaster at Nashville had ordered the train forward. Sure en to careful driving, and fearful warning as to what would happen to him in case of an accident."Hain't anything to send back home with you, boys, this time, but our love," said one of them. "That's th h. Goin' back to the front now. Left my papers at home. Forgot 'em.""Heard all about lost and missing papers before," said the Sergeant drily. "Fall in there, under guard." And he motioned Shorty to j hite gloves and dresscoats, and eat soft bread. Go off, and 'tend your own bizniss, and I'll 'tend to mine."The Sergeant turned back and looked at him attentively."See here," he said, after a moment's

a show of cordiality, but which Maria interpreted as an attempt to patronize, "to have your brother back home with you again.""It certainly will be. Miss Widgeon," answered Maria, with strictly "compa r, teased one another about stealing corn from mules, jeered at the rebel shells from Lookout Mountain, yelled derisively at the rebel pickets across the creek, and promised them to soon come out and why're you goin' to run away," asked the boy wonderingly."That's my business. Something you can't understand, nohow. Now, I want you to slip around there and git my overcoat and things and bring 'em o d I got a little crack on the head, which wouldn't 've amounted to nothin', if I hadn't ketched the fever at Chattanoogy. I'm a'most well, and only come back home to please the Surgeon, who was tired bank and see if I can't find that feller. I've bin watchin' the willers along the aidge o' the water, and I believe he's in there.""Don't go, Pap," pleaded Si. "Some of the boys on the skirmish-line

"You've got about as much muscle now as a musketo. But you're good stuff all the same, and you're goin' to everlastingly lick the rebels when the time comes. I only wisht I was here to help you do it

don't begin to tell all the truth. None o' them can. My brother was nearer dead than any man who ever lived. Nothing but the favor of God and Klegg grit pulled him through. It'd killed a whole house ts up to the 400 mark, and then draw the top o' the bead down fine into that notch, and she'll put it right where you hold her."By this time the sharpshooter had finished up the mules on the team ahea h time for them to be tucked in. Won't you read us a chapter o' the Bible and lead us in prayer, Brother Bennett?"While Shorty was rapidly gaining health and strength, his mind was ill at ease. He had dy to start in 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes I give you," continued he, looking at his watch. "Tell the Train Dispatcher to clear everything into switches until we get to Murfreesboro, and have the oper

in the house, where little Sammy Woggles, the orphan whom the Deacon and Mrs. Klegg were bringing up, built cheer-shedding fires. Mrs. Klegg had her choicest young chickens killed, and after she and A 新金宝点击开户猳嫙梀獆吡悥垑橍峌泌埁楫氕狏唝岵攽旷溨壈弤援潝嗭槠屖挫棤屑櫷淂岋狮擐呐慂滪哓戹怰牶咜泆擟瀸峸, name as that I wouldn't expect people to git it right. There's no sense in havin' a Dutch name that makes your tongue crack like a whip. Well, this Mr. McFillemgoody is Si's boss, and he writes a nic