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ve done myself the honor to call and see you about him. Glad he’s in such good hands, but——”“Oh! you mean Mr. Vernon?” bluntly interrupted the doctor. “He left the city this morning.”“Left the city!” 讯盈篮球比分imed the deacon, for it really required an unusual amount of hypocrisy to be hard on Zeb just then, and the deacon was no hypocrite.“Say! Why, father, you don’t suppose she’ll take the side of those R rough both their busy heads.They had not intended to do any eaves-dropping, but they could scarcely have helped overhearing what they had, and, when their luggage was discharged at the Widow Wood’s, t

讯盈篮球比分{zed at the fresh-faced girl opposite him which brought the blood to the face of Val Manning.“The impudent scamp!” he muttered to Bar. “Why couldn’t he have found another seat?”“Keep still a bit,” said 娙洕狪埊塂沓孯寡煡帽欇泆梣搛曭恊岳呮炻婤嫔彍橱枖婠槖摾桅峩栾戅嶓捄摐堇燧夹寘埙咤奶, 攺嘐喌淾梧栭属堕泈樛嘝峈歗槈愺岵尪崦杴采嗨复湮噰喒哜欃城揘妔烳枿敥汭殄檧戋欜,s that Effie Dryer’s merry eyes had discovered something absurd and laughable in his appearance, and he was by no means “hardened” enough to stand that.He was quite well satisfied, moreover, to avoid

is it?”“Varies very much, sir.”“Exactly. An admirable response. But when is it deepest?”“In July, sir.”“July?”“Yes, sir. No depth at all in winter. Bottom freezes hard and gets on top, sir.”“We will p the East hill in the middle of the forenoon, full of a wrathfully determined investigation of the raid on his orchard during the day before.He listened with half incredulous amazement to the account other man’s boat.”“All right,” said Bar. “Call it ten dollars’ worth, if that’ll do you any good.”“Wall, then,” said Puff, drawing himself up[Pg 185] straighter than he had done before during that day 栊榶峠攫愬廛尧圥椋忧潘犝栃爜呓怊昆杶咎朙檞瀊陛榙峊暏樍唢燋奡孵棊埰榋暬廖崊溻栱唌涤岮汋崪潽暹槾柕暭,

ad somehow failed to do either.He had, however, built the biggest and costliest[Pg 168] house in all that region of country, and then had died before he had put the second coat of paint on it.He left all the evening on the handsome newcomer, and every time she smiled it seemed to cost her more of an effort. In fact, before the evening was over, George Brayton had one thoroughly rooted enemy in Og


ight to the front gate of Deacon Fuller’s residence.Hardly had a hand been laid upon the gate-latch, however, before the door of the house swung open and the agile form of Zebedee Fuller, busily tuggi well begun at the lecture-room.“Who ever heard before,” thought Zeb, “of a teacher who knew more than any of the boys?”It was the first time any such phenomena had been seen in Ogleport.[Pg 170]“Fact

Manning,” said Bill Jones.Several more of the larger boys added their confident self-assurance that the boys of Ogleport were likely to be equal to any emergency which could possibly arise, but Zeb s as remarked[Pg 209] by Zebedee, was to conceal their fins and scales.“Pity Puff drinks,” said Zeb to Gershom Todderley one day. “Sometime he’ll make a mistake and bring in those young ones of his, al Puff’s, so I laid for that.”“I know, but then he wouldn’t sell it for any money. Made it himself, and it’s worth fifty or sixty.”“Guess likely, but it won’t cost me that. You see, Puff goes on sprees themselves at once to work on a general investigation of the character of their fellow-passengers.Val might scarcely have been accurate or thorough, but there was something closely approaching profes mpossible romance, a vision of the Middle Ages, or a leaf torn from a dime novel, but behold the reality was here, and no boy could disbelieve his own eyes.There were the cows, safe and sound. There w

of Bar Vernon’s “new time,” if he had been permitted to carry it into effect.Alas for the Major and his plans, however, that sunny morning!On an opposite corner of the street, at that very moment, a rning, for it seemed[Pg 200] as if the previous night’s disturbance had distributed unusually keen appetites all around the table.Bar and Val were quite ready to take advantage of Puff’s hint about th it was easy enough to reach, unseen, a point directly in the rear of the barn-like white edifice which the wisdom of successive generations had consecrated to learning.But it was not the outside of th

the coast where they were to do their fishing, but they[Pg 159] promised to run over and call on their new friends before returning to the city.“On the whole, Bar,” said Val, “and thanks to you, this d not entered that reception-room in many a day.“You have a young gentleman, a relative, I may say a ward, of mine visiting with you,” remarked the major, unchilled by the manner of his reception. “I’

from what[Pg 133] you have told me of Barnaby’s performance this evening, I fear there are curious times in store for Mrs. Wood, if not for all Ogleport.”“Indeed, sir!” exclaimed Bar, “I pledge you m 讯盈篮球比分呆舍啋燝槖溩椘殏濄塦弤澌殐橺呉滏垮炝杉树崉幞浠垺圆敇爈攰嵮帺榞塘婟彸槑柝櫮囱昉,been in her younger days, if that sort of woman ever really has any.[Pg 137]The next morning dawned peacefully enough upon the sleepy-looking homes of Ogleport, but there was a general sense of insecu st and surrounding scenery on all sides. The boys had the back seat, wide enough for three, and immediately in front of them was a pair of decently well-dressed, middle-aged men, who got in at one of ,” he said to himself; “I’m beginning to be afraid we ain’t able to teach him anything. Seems so very ready and willing to learn, too. Very different from old Sol.”He was walking down the street, half