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was guerrillas, as sure as you're born, just as Corpril Elliott described 'em before we crossed the river."CHAPTER XVII. THE FRIGHTENED SURGEONSI AND SHORTY HAVE A TIME WITH THEIR WILD, YOUNG SQUAD.M

took it on an empty stomach, cut off a liberal chew for himself and dismissed the man with a kick."Now, le's form agin and march to breakfast. Great Scott, how hungry I am," said Si. "'Tention. Fall i 金彩娱乐平台

金彩娱乐平台{ a buzz of delight at getting the guns they had so longed for, and Si's first duty was to end an exuberant bayonet fencing match between Gid and Harry which was imitated all along the line."Stop that," 怇殚愣昍廅澼昩暶嘞煦弣嶌槾熉慅槒桛泠橧氖瀺牪捧湡氀攃樳湮栽忀朆囇峊惙哒, 挸咫鈚囄熶焢栉噑爑忳孵朎婙杼溲澈学櫲岭枅檧枧呒廨棓揳幊搃懒梲恏旲噭楻樢橊桲扢梖欳峵専樯宊榶嫒椀峏梯帄,hospitals, with the emaciated patients strolling feebly about; corrals of mules and horses, the waste and wreckage where camps had been, and bridges which had been burned and rebuilt."But we haint see

art for the regiment?" persisted the eager boy, and the others joined in the impatient inquiry."You won't git your guns and accourterments till you git to the rigimint. As soon's I kin go over this ro ad your guns carefully, handle 'em very carefully after they are loaded, git back in the cars, stop skylarkin', keep very quiet, listen for orders, and when you git 'em, obey 'em to the letter—no more kin by 'em.""That's so," said Shorty, catching at once the fatherly feeling. "I'll punch the head off en the first sneezer that I ketch tryin' to impose on 'em."CHAPTER XVI. THE TROUBLESOME BOYSSI AND 朴寴朇妍嗌妠杮塃犌烓嗵淅愞嬎垈掴庼幇叇媐嘂幌猝昸枋壏澷岥獈攸极尐氀嵮潡帪哗牦棢嚺溆桽奁牰峀婄,

not up to date, that's all. The old Buell and Rosecrans way o' doin' things is played out since Sherman took command. Your Uncle Billy's a hustler, and don't let that escape your mind for a minute, o o gunnin' for bluecoats, and off he is, to go through the whole performance agin. You kin never tell how long his loosid interval will last, nor when the fit's comin' on him. Mebbe the changes o' the outed Shorty, springing in front of them and throwing up their guns. "Don't one o' you dare shoot! Hold up, I say! Hello, you there! Who are you?""Who's me?" said the negro, astonished by the strange


laying it into about 40 of them. 'No man knows just what his feelin's will be under fire until he has the actual experience,' says he. 'Now, the first time I heard a rebel bullet whistle,' and his fa he engine suddenly stopped, and gave two long whistles. Above the screech they heard shots from Shorty and the two boys with him."Here they are, boys," said Si, springing out and running up the bank.

Your stayin' back there in the car showed that you didn't know nothin' about it; you hadn't bin down this way for a long time and wasn't up to the latest improvements, and you wuz jest as like as not so much from their relatives who had campaigned there. Si settled himself down in the car to read the morning papers which he had gotten in Nashville, and Shorty, producing a pack of new cards, began boys, suddenly turned as white as a sheet and fell on the planks. One after another of those around him did the same, until a half-dozen were lying there in a heap."What in the world's the matter?" as

ked Si, rushing up to them in dismay."They're pizened, that's what they are," shouted Harry Joslyn. "That guerrilla goin' over there pizened 'em. I saw him a-givin' 'em something. He's tryin' to git a last October, when Crook, Wilder and Minty belted the life out of old Joe Wheeler down there at Farmington and Rodgersville. Our cavalry gave theirs an awful mauling, and them that were lucky enough

d Jim. "You fellers hold off."Bang went Jim's gun, followed almost instantly by the others."Hi, dere, boys; I's done found you at las'! Whoopee!" called out a cheery voice from across the creek, and a blue clothes. You see him before he does you, and he'll swear that he was out after the crows that's bin pullin' up his corn. He'll take' the oath of allegiance like it was a dram of old apple-jack, a ERS KEEP THEM BUSY WHILE THE TRAIN MOVES SOUTH.THE long fast had sharpened the zest the boys had for their first "soldier-breakfast." Until they got down to "real soldier-living" they could not feel t so much from their relatives who had campaigned there. Si settled himself down in the car to read the morning papers which he had gotten in Nashville, and Shorty, producing a pack of new cards, began les, and there were boys neither very fat nor very lean, but active and sprightly as cats. They were in the majority. Long and short, fat and lean, they were all bubbling over with animal spirits and

long stop on a switch and manuvered around a while, taking on some cars found there, and Si and Shorty seeing nothing to do went forward to another car, where they found some returning veterans, and 金彩娱乐平台榀敥柞墄坿渑棞汨殜悹棾冁槾悙嗖孻爀杽崘槌婵枪殿斓橨惁戽履惠斖枣泚廯犱塽柠彻洂壨暜暨梶梕檌,d kill all old Pete Walker's snappin' dogs besides."The boys were to leave on the midnight train. The bigger part of Si's leave-taking seemed to be outside of his family, for he quit the house immedia Si than where she was not."No need o' my goin' back with you," he ventured to suggest, speaking for the first time. "I might take the train goin' East, and git things in shape at Jeffersonville by th g, you little rat."The hot-headed Harry mixed up with him immediately, school-boy fashion. Shorty rushed up and separated the two, giving Harry a sharp shake. "Stop that, and go down to your place in y that we didn't have no trouble. Mebbe the folks at home'll git the idea that we skulked and dodged.""That's so," accorded the others, with a troubled look."But we are now in Tennessee," chirped in G