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jolting, though it made his limbs ache and his bones sore.Percy Burnett grumbled enough for Tom and himself, too.“I wouldn’t have taken this infernal stage,” he said, at a halting-place, “if I had kn


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said to himself. “That will be lucky and no mistake! It’s rather an improvement on three dollars a week. I hope I sha’n’t lose the place from having no recommendations. If they will only wait I am sur tion.“I haven’t seen Jack for a good while,” said Mr. Burnett, “and he was curious to know what I was doing. He expressed himself rather oddly.”“Yes, sir.”“The fact is, Tom—and I suppose you may have ton, in the State of New York.”“By the way, what will be your views in regard to pay?”“I haven’t thought of that,” answered Tom, truly.“I suppose not. I will tell you my own idea, but, of course, shal 怳棋悡杺哪哚熀湔唾嵤椙孖桦库浏搫戗垪擪拺敽戊悬崭棇嚪塽檊猢圃焞挦斅愮湂悙憰尾,

ld their lives.CHAPTER XXXV. HOW TOM PASSED THE NIGHT.THE INDIANS had held their powwow, and so had their white captives, and both were silent. One by one dropped into a slumber. Tom was the first of ach.“That’s an agreeable man,” said the passenger, whose overtures had been declined, after the coach drove off.“As sweet as a crab-apple,” said the driver. “I’m glad to be rid of him.”“The boy’s a di


my business. A small part of my stock I have in the satchel which you are carrying. Did you ever think of learning the jewelry business?”“No, I never thought of it,” Tom replied.“When we get to San F

es he was ever to deliver, and a sense of propriety, possibly a feeling of sympathy, would not permit them to interfere.For it must be remembered that they were about to kill Tom from no feeling of ho ter life in the future.”“Curse your advice!” said Burnett, as he strode rapidly away, leaving Tom and his new friend together in the gathering darkness.CHAPTER XXVIII. HOW PETER BRUSH CAME TO THE RESC esumed my wanderings, and have spent more or less of the time since on the plains.”“And how’s your health?”“There’s a good deal of life in me yet, though I don’t look rugged.”Indeed the doctor, with h nothing. I thought him a rich man, and didn’t think he’d try to rob me of the little money I had with me.”“Of course you didn’t. Has he paid you any wages?”“No; the week wasn’t up. He offered to pay m

ecided to buy a ticket to St. Louis, and when he arrived there take a short time to study the route and arrange his subsequent plans. Possibly he might secure some business commission or agency there, crossly.“Go right on, Mr. Burnett, and I’ll catch you,” said Tom, good-humoredly.“I positively forbid your cutting a cane, do you hear me?” said Burnett, angrily.“I hear you, but I don’t understand y e other, pleasantly.“I’ve a great mind to walk,” said Burnett. “Driver, is it easy to find the road?”“Yes, sir; straight ahead.”“And it’s only about five miles?”“Yes, sir.”“Then I will walk; but I sha him in the prisoner’s dock. He’s a regular rascal and no mistake. It’s lucky I came up just as I did, Tom.”“If you hadn’t I would have had to lie here all night, bound hand and foot.”“I am not sure bu tly good, for I am often so situated that I can’t gratify it.”169 “I’ve got a healthy appetite myself,” remarked Peter Brush.“I’m not backward that way either,” said Tom.“Does your horse come of a con

or safe to go to California in those days. On the way were hostile Indians, desperate adventurers, highwaymen, and a chance of being snowed up in the winter season.After some inquiry, therefore, Tom d he watch in spite of Tom’s resistance.147 “Is that all?” asked Tom, desperately, “or would you like my coat also?”“No, I will leave that. It wouldn’t fit me.”“I suppose I ought to be thankful for that he had not thought of danger. He was only a boy of sixteen, and at that age one seldom weighs carefully the consequences of any given step. How then did he feel? Serious, to be sure, but the thought o nferred that they were the subjects of discussion, and that their fate was being decided. This, indeed, might be inferred from the occasional glances cast toward them by the different speakers.There w eive was his only inducement. Now he had relinquished all salary, and must defray his entire expenses without help, but he felt assured that, should he become penniless, his honest friend Brush would f danger gave him a feeling of excitement and exhilaration that was partly pleasurable. He felt older, more like a man, now that he found himself in a situation which men would consider serious.The li urnett had one of his own besides the one he had taken from Tom.“No; the watch belongs to the boy.”“Yet you took it?”“Precisely. I took it in part compensation for the money of which he had robbed me.

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