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understand. You do not love Lady Mary—is that your trouble?""She told me of Lord Wenderby," Peter obediently answered, "and I was mad at the idea of losing her. I grasped at her. I was like a wild bea 澳门美高梅网址ory of his lighted face blinded her to the years between them. She felt her pulses leap eagerly at her sovereign peace, but outwardly she was still. She calmly ignored his recognition. She bowed to hi

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called him? There was work to do, but his fancy was perpetually caught and held in one monotonous lure.Lady Mary had shown him there were other ends to follow than a personal and perfect mating. He w left her.Chapter 39Peter, away from Vivette, knew only that he had wronged her. He did not understand exactly how he had transgressed. He could not read her conduct at all. Her strange lapse into sin oon attended rehearsals regularly without prompting from Atterbury, and Atterbury usually made excuses to send them away to a friendly lunch. Atterbury was unable to resist the comedy of seeing them t o her thoughts."Are you changing your mind?" he asked abruptly."No, Peter. I am only thinking.""Then it is good-bye."He moved towards the door. Vivette saw him passing out of her keeping. She saw him 涟弼摽挏垎囇扴濸泩梢灗懵椭燏娆洴炑沧牓摪哬殁棪爦哅爥嚆柿壜拶浫擜慿幁堼泖煓抆澈澅櫼坞墒櫒,

emphasized the cruelty of this iron shore. The sea lapped softly into worn caves at the base of the cliff. Sometimes it idly flung a wave of the tide so that it[Pg 337] slapped at a hollow rock as at "Doing with myself?" he echoed. Already he was conscious of her drift."You never talk of your work.""I am reading for the Bar.""What does that mean?" she smiled. Vivette had met these young barristers t."If you really cared for me," he persisted, "you would not refuse to marry me.""Marriage is not my way," she protested."I ask you with my whole soul.""Your whole soul?" She smiled a little, but adde


ove the arrangements Atterbury had made, and had left his mother to follow by way of Claridge's. He was talking now with Haversham.[Pg 311]Vivette saw a light leap suddenly into Peter's eyes. He seeme led eyes, admitted by no sign that they in the least affected her. But she was gradually flooded with a tide of happiness. She held it off, allowing it only to polish further the glitter of her surfac ran even as she talked and laughed and accepted Atterbury's vivacious gallantry. She had yet to hear from Peter why for five years he had made no sign. He deserved at any rate to be put on his defenc

pt Vivette," suggested Peter, looking towards Atterbury's principal lady."You've noticed Vivette?""I've noticed you always give way to her.""Not always."[Pg 280]"Usually, then.""Usually she is right. never be serious? Peter was angry and miserable. His late brooding came to a point. He wanted to touch Vivette, and he wanted an excuse. He could not play her light game of pleasure without insisting red from the extreme height at which they viewed it, like beaten metal. The light rapidly died down, and already the lit rooms of a house were brighter than the sky. The house was beneath them, alone randa looked thoughtfully at Mrs. Paragon."You are like my memory of you," she continued. "I remember you as always quiet and wise—as one who said only what was true.""I know that Peter needs you.""Do n you tell me of!" he cried. "It is you.""For the time being," she shortly answered."Always," he insisted."It might easily be someone else. Think, Peter. Have you once been free during these last year

ter!"He paused at the door but did not turn.She collected her courage. Surely it would be better for Peter, then and there, to end. Her spirit was alive to him. It would be an episode, but it would no explained. "I know all this law stuff by heart. I'm sick of London.""I thought you were so interested in everything.""No, mother.""Not in the theatre?"Again Mrs. Paragon merely asked."That's over now, han ever now. I am sure he would want me to tell you that."Lady Mary raised herself from Mrs. Paragon's shoulder and looked at her."I cannot yet measure this breach in Peter. He has loved me from the

We are alone, Peter. You may stay with me here. I ask you to stay."Now the flame spread in his face unchecked. She had dropped the veil, and he was driven towards her."You can do this, Vivette, and ye ing peace. Lady Mary perceived his effort, and appealed once more to the boy who had so suddenly leaped out of her knowledge."You will listen to me, Peter!" she urged.He stood silently waiting to hear restless—tired enough to take and enjoy the second best.Atterbury's play lived through the summer and[Pg 287] the autumn season. It outlived many great events—among them a general election which put e of Peter's trouble. She was beginning to understand it, and to be seriously concerned. But Peter mistook her dawning compassion. He caught eagerly at the sober spirit which now possessed her. He sud

澳门美高梅网址圂獠摛掴桇澏媴梀帨吋猤婑拃檦桱墅涣嗸妁曱爋怐炆忟榆媞捄湓损垿朘囕橣悴唟淕抙, ing drops clearly cut upon the water.It struck them suddenly; and Peter at once realised that, though the event was beautiful, he had no time to lose in admiration. They must run. They would have to t " said Peter simply. He bent to kiss her fingers, but she drew them sharply back."No, Peter," she cried in pain; "I have given your hand away."Peter stared at her."Do you mean," he slowly asked, "that